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t shirt quilt

An Alabama football fan's t-shirt quilt memories

Apr 30, 2014

    There's something about sports that can act as a means of comfort when our world is shaken. The sports section o...

A fallen soldier's memory quilt from Project Repat

Apr 28, 2014

  "Thank you Project Repat for this amazing blanket. My late husband had few civilian clothes he would rotate through when not in uniform. Naturally, the T-shirts he had were very special and had many wonderful memories tied to each if them."

Spring Cleaning T Shirt Quilt

Apr 21, 2014

A Spring Cleaning T-Shirt Quilt What better way to make more room in the closet than to clear out those memorable t-...

Tiny Memories Baby Clothes Quilt

Apr 19, 2014

Tiny Memories - A Baby Clothes Quilt Story A lot of parents hold onto their kids' baby clothes as a memento. Here is...

In Loving Memory Quilt

Apr 14, 2014

A Memory Quilt Story Angelia Garcia-MacDonald wrote to us about her incredibly meaningful memory quilt from Project ...

T-Shirt Quilt Tapestry

Apr 13, 2014

T Shirt Quilt Tapestry Kathy had a huge Project Repat t-shirt quilt made for her son that includes shirts from eleme...

The Best of Band Memories - A Memory Quilt Story

Apr 4, 2014

A Band Memory Quilt   Stephanie had this colorful t-shirt quilt made for her daughter Melanie. "She has been invo...

A Birthday Hit - Custom Quilt Story Series

Mar 27, 2014

A Birthday Surprise Custom Quilt   TJ had her sons finished swimming t-shirt blanket for three months before she co...

Inc. on 8 Weird Startups

Mar 12, 2014

Inc. featured Project Repat in their list of 8 Weird Startups Getting Traction. What did they have to say?! If you'v...

Moving Forward, Bringing Memories

Feb 18, 2014

Kevin had tons of shirts from high school and college or as he told us, "I had way way to many t-shirts for a normal ...

Grumpy For Life

Feb 16, 2014

This t-shirt quilt filled with quirky and silly tees was exactly what Stewart wanted in his blanket. He told us picki...

ATV Extreme Sporting T-Shirt Quilt

Feb 11, 2014

  Amanda told us she absolutely fell in love with her t-shirt quilt. "I traveled the country racing ATVs in the FMF ...

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