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T Shirt Quilt by Project Repat

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What Size Panel Do You Want?
What Size Quilt Do You Want?
What Color Fleece Do You Want?: Navy Blue

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Project Repat t-shirt quilts are the most affordable t-shirt quilts in the world, cut and sewn in the United States, and backed with the soft and cozy fleece. Buy a t-shirt quilt today and we'll email you detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your shirts to us! You can easily make changes to your order after you purchase.
Buy one of our lap size gift cards that includes a pair of free very recycled socks! 
King Size needs 64 sides.  
 If you want to learn how to make a t-shirt quilt with us, explore our FAQ. Looking forward to making you something amazing!
Need bigger size panels? click here
Looking for a quilt with baby clothes? Click here
We can add photos and embroidery, you will get a link to make upgrades in the order confirmation.


Backed with ultra-soft fleece for the coziest t-shirt quilt.

Choose from 7 colors at checkout for your custom-made memory blanket.

Step 1

Once you pick out your quilt size and order (we show you recommended number of shirts, packing slip will have exact amount of graphic and/or blank sides required), you will be emailed a link to make any changes to the order or add any upgrades- like embroidery or photo panels.

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Step 2

You will get a link to buy a shipping label that pays for shipping both ways. It also helps us track the thousands of orders that arrive each week at a factory. We have perfected the quilt-making process! You will also see on the packing slip the exact amount of graphic and/or blank sides needed.

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Step 3

You can drop off your shirts at a post office, or schedule a pick-up. And then you will get an email when the shirts arrive at the factory in NC. Look for an email when it ships too!

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