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affordable t-shirt blanket

Production Pride T Shirt Quilt

Mar 28, 2014

Production T Shirt Quilt Paula's t-shirt quilt is not just a blanket but a real calendar of memories! Placed in orde...

Priceless Lifetime Memories in a Memory Quilt

Feb 7, 2014

Turning Family Memories into a Family Tee Shirt Blanket Project Repat helped Lori hold onto years of family memories...

T-Shirt Bandanna Quilt

Jan 19, 2014

Jon's t-shirt quilt incorporates both camp tees and colorful bandannas "Tshirts and bandannas from past summer camp ...

Soccer and Sports T-Shirt Quilt

Jan 8, 2014

  Sue was another parent who couldn't wait to give her son his Project Repat t-shirt quilt for Christmas. "I've bee...

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