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cheer memories

Sequoia High Cheerleader T Shirt Quilt Memories

Mar 14, 2014

Cheerleading T Shirt Quilt Cheer was my life for 12 years; now it can be a part of my life for the rest of it! -C...

Cheer, War Eagles and ZTA Remembered

Feb 3, 2014

"I absolutely love my Project Repat blanket! It is perfect, what a great idea! I love that I'll have my old shirts f...

Tees you Can't Part With

Jan 29, 2014

Janet was always looking for a creative way to use the many t-shirts her daughter Kat had amassed in her lifetime, "S...

Saving The Stories T-Shirt Quilt

Sep 25, 2013

  Annette Hoyer had a Project Repat t-shirt blanket made to celebrate her daughters high school graduation. Made wit...

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