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An Alabama football fan's t-shirt quilt memories


Alabama t-shirt quilt blanket from Project Repat


There's something about sports that can act as a means of comfort when our world is shaken. The sports section of the paper can be a refuge from the world problems. With all the different opinions on how to fix our most pressing issues, there's a great routine in knowing that no writer or newsroom can spin the score of the game. The score is the score. 

Over the last few years, we have seen hundreds of thousands of t-shirts turned into a sports t-shirt quilt that represent our customers proudest moments. They also become the lasting memory of a person that has left his or her family too soon.  

Linda Head's husband was an Alabama football fan, and these t-shirt represent their memories, and act as a way for his family to preserve his memories forever. We are saddened by the Head's family tragic loss and honored that we could help, in a very small way, the family grieve and cope with the loss. 

Here's what Linda told us about the quilts: 

"My husband passed away of a massive heart attack in September 2013.  He was only 49 years old.    We had just adopted three of our grandchildren ages 5, 4, and 2.  To leave a lasting memory for them and our own children, I decided to get his t ’shirts together and let Project Repat make a quilt.  My daughter had a quilt made the year before from her high school and college shirts.  I sent 50 of his tshirts in and a few short weeks later, a beautiful quilt came in the mail.  I love the fact that I can remember him wearing these shirts and having this as the best keepsake ever."

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