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Revive Your Kettering University Memories with Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

May 27, 2024

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about your college days at Kettering University? The late-night study sessions,...

University of Louisville Alumni Cherish Memories With T-Shirt Quilts

May 24, 2024

University of Louisville alumni have discovered an innovative way to keep their college memories close: T-shirt quilt...

Alma Mater Love: A T Shirt Quilt for a Super Fan

Jan 22, 2014

Wrestling with the Best Angela had Project Repat make a t-shirt quilt as a gift to her boyfriend, a West Virginia Uni...

T-Shirt Bandanna Quilt

Jan 19, 2014

Jon's t-shirt quilt incorporates both camp tees and colorful bandannas "Tshirts and bandannas from past summer camp ...

Swim Team Tees T-Shirt Quilt

Sep 24, 2013

Going for Gold: A Swim Team Tee Shirt Blanket     The shirts used in Brenna Davis' Project Repat t-shirt blanket are...

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