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In Loving Memory Quilt

A Memory Quilt Story
Memory Quilt Made out of Clothes

Angelia Garcia-MacDonald wrote to us about her incredibly meaningful memory quilt from Project Repat

It was such an honor to have an organization make such a memorable experience that will last me a lifetime.  I had a blanket made for my mother-in-law first with my husbands t-shirts.  I fell in love with it so I asked if Project Repat could use his dress shirts to make a blanket, since that is what I loved seeing him in. Project Repat said it was not a problem; it brought tears to my eyes. You see I lost my husband December 14, 2012 at the young age of 36 years old.  He was in a horrible car accident and we had only been married for almost a year, we had no children but 2 furry children. I was devastated, the love of my life gone in a flash.  When the blanket arrived I could not stop crying, this has brought me so much comfort and my dogs can still smell their dad. I can not thank you enough for this amazing gift you have blessed me with, it feels like I get to sleep with him every night!! Rest in sweet Peace my sweet Arin MacDonald

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