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Spring Cleaning T Shirt Quilt

A Spring Cleaning T-Shirt Quilt

What better way to make more room in the closet than to clear out those memorable t-shirts and turn them into a t-shirt quilt with Project Repat

My t-shirt quilt came about while I was doing my spring cleaning. I had a drawer full of shirts and sweatshirts that I just couldn't throw away because they each held a memory and story. I decided to look into making a quilt that day. I had them cut the next day and sent the second the bag arrived from Project Repat. I was so excited about this project, I loved laying out each shirt and placing it how I wanted it.  I have shirts from each of my brothers and one each from my parents.  I wasn't expecting to receive my blanket for several more weeks when it arrived at my door.  I had it opened and wrapped up in it for the whole evening.  I took it to work and church with me to show it off.  I love it so much and couldn't be happier! -James

A Spring Cleaning T Shirt Quilt

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