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college t shirt quilt

Preserve Your Santa Clara University Memories with a Custom Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt

May 27, 2024

Are you looking for a unique way to cherish your time at Santa Clara University? Look no further than a custom Projec...

University of Louisville Alumni Cherish Memories With T-Shirt Quilts

May 24, 2024

University of Louisville alumni have discovered an innovative way to keep their college memories close: T-shirt quilt...

Fordham University Alumni Preserve Memories with T-Shirt Quilts

May 24, 2024

Fordham University alumni have found a unique way to preserve their cherished memories through T-shirt quilts created...

Commemorating Sooner Memories with Custom T-Shirt Quilts

May 23, 2024

At the University of Oklahoma (OU), nestled in the vibrant city of Norman, each student’s journey is filled with unfo...

A t-shirt quilt can be a wonderful gift for a Carthage High School, Texas graduate for several reasons

Jun 6, 2023

Overall, a t-shirt quilt is a thoughtful and sentimental gift that allows the Carthage High School graduate to cherish and celebrate their high school memories while embarking on new adventures in the next chapter of their life.

Kentucky T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Oct 27, 2014

My father passed away in May from cancer. He was a devout University of Kentucky fan, as am I. He died only hou...

College Memories in the form of a t-shirt quilt

Oct 8, 2014

I was so excited to see the end result of my sorority quilt. It brought tears to my eyes to see all m...

A way to remember: A T SHIRT QUILT

Sep 26, 2014

  My dad passed away 3 years ago and as with most elderly, his clothes had that "look" and smell about them that...

Carnegie Mellon T-Shirt Quilt

Sep 18, 2014

I LOOOOVE my t-shirt quilt. I have already been asked by several people who made it, and I have referred them t...

Michigan State T SHIRT QUILT

Aug 18, 2014

    I've always been a collector of T-shirts. Even at a young age, I tried to get a T-shirt whenever visiting s...

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