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Moving Forward, Bringing Memories

Kevin had tons of shirts from high school and college or as he told us, "I had way way to many t-shirts for a normal person to have" and he was preparing for a new stage of his life. "I was making a big move in my career and life and decided that if I couldn't bring all of the old, worn t-shirts that I loved to wear on my best and worst days, I would have 49 of them ready for me every time I came home from a long day or when I was tired after a long night".


He was thrilled with the final product, "I could not believe what I saw when I opened the package. I been waiting for it to arrive since the day I sent the shirts in! I ripped the package open, laid it out in front of my family, and they were amazed. What a fantastic job! I remember my mother saying, 'The whole blanket is going to be filled with your black t-shirts!' Nay Nay, she was mistaken. The few shirts of color I had were put in the perfect places to accent each individual shirt. The organization of each shirt and the attention to each individual shirt is the most impressive thing about it. I put it right on top of me and could not believe how warm and fuzzy I felt. I am still in awe of Project Repat and the incredible gift you have given me!"

"The blanket is made up of my favorite shirts from growing up, from high school sports, from college, and the bands I listened to in my teenage years; some of the best and worst in my life. I look at them and remember that life is always what you you make of it and that people should never judge you on how you dress or the music you listen to, but the quality of your person"

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