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Bring Your Blanket to Life With the #1 T-shirt Quilt Maker in Dallas!

Whether you’re looking to make a Dallas Cowboys quilt from your favorite shirts over the years or you want to make a memory blanket to remember a lost loved one - you’ve come to the right place. Project Repat is the #1 t-shirt quilt maker in Dallas. Sending your t-shirts into us is easy, and tracking the project from start to finish gives you peace of mind and keeps you in the loop of where your shirts are every step of the way.

While we don’t have a Dallas location, you can ship your shirts to us from anywhere and we’ll transform your favorites into a stunning quilt that you can put on display or use daily. No matter why you’re seeking a Dallas t-shirt quilt maker, you can trust that you’re in good hands when you pick Project Repat. Why? Keep reading - we’ll explain what separates us from the rest! 

What Makes Project Repat the #1 Choice for T-shirt Quilts in Dallas?

With the most experience and the best process in the entire industry, it’s no surprise that Project Repat has come to be known as the #1 t-shirt quilt company in the nation. And in Dallas, in particular, for that matter. But - what exactly makes Project Repat the #1 choice for t-shirt quilts in Dallas? We’ll break it down for you below.

We were the first to start offering custom t-shirt quilts back in 2012 - and are still here today upholding our reputation as the best. Our experience is unmatched across the industry’s other quilt makers. And, frankly, it shows in the final product you get back. If you only want the best-quality t-shirt quilt, stick with Project Repat. We’re the most dependable choice. With over a million t-shirt quilts made to date, you can trust that we’re capable of exceeding your expectations.

And, unlike many other quilt makers, our employees are paid a fair, living wage in great working conditions. This is a stark contrast to other custom quilt makers in Dallas you may be familiar with. While others make their quilts in a prison or out of the country, we’ll bring your blanket to life right from our worker-owned factory in North Carolina.

Finally, the options you gain by working with us are unparalleled. We work with you to make your t-shirt blanket a reality - no matter what you’re looking to do. We can make your quilt from t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, you name it. You can choose uniform squares or custom sizing. And in our section containing testimonials, you’ll find all sorts of t-shirt quilt ideas to offer inspiration if you’re not sure about the direction you want to take. 

In summary, Project Repat is the #1 choice for t-shirt quilts in Dallas because we offer the most experience, affordable pricing, and exceptional service every step of the way. And, the process to make it all happen is super simple - here’s how it works…

Choosing Project Repat as Your Dallas T-shirt Quilt Maker: How it Works

Choosing Project Repat as your Dallas t-shirt quilt maker is an excellent choice. But if you’re wondering how to make a t-shirt quilt through our service, you’ll be delighted to discover how seamless the process is. 

It all starts with an idea. You should consider how large your quilt is going to be first and foremost, and whether it will be used as a blanket or for decoration. This influences how many t-shirts for a blanket are required. And, it dictates how much your t-shirt quilt costs. You should also consider the color of your quilt’s backing. You can also choose to go with no backing at all - and create a double-sided t-shirt blanket in Dallas.

From there, you can check out - and we’ll provide you the label to send in your t-shirts. We know you may be hesitant about shipping away your favorite t-shirts. But, you can enjoy peace of mind through our intricate tracking system - which offers transparency every step of the way. You’ll be able to watch your t-shirts move through our system and transform into a quilt. 

It’s really that easy - which is why we’re the preferred t-shirt quilt maker in Dallas!

What are You Waiting For? Let’s Get Started on Your T-Shirt Quilt in Dallas Today!

Getting memory quilts made from t-shirts is easy when you choose Project Repat - and the final product is a work of art that you can’t wait to show off to any guests you have over. Or, maybe you’re here shopping for someone as a gift - great choice, just wait till you see the look on their face! The truth is, no matter why you’re searching for a t-shirt quilt maker in Dallas, you’re in the right place.

Now that you know where to get t-shirt quilts made, what separates our service from the rest, and how to get started, there’s only one thing left to do. Begin the process today by heading over to our site, placing your order, and sending your t-shirts in to be made into a stunning one-of-one quilt! You’ll be glad you went with Project Repat.

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