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Memory Blanket

Are you looking to bring a memory blanket to life from your old clothes that don’t fit anymore? Whether you’re shopping for yourself or seeking a gift for a loved one in your life - you’re in the most experienced, trustworthy hands at Project Repat. Start the process today and see firsthand why over a million customers have let us bring this project to life for them! 

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Get a Masterfully-Crafted Memory Blanket Made From Clothes at Project Repat

What do you do when you have a ton of clothes that don’t fit anymore - either in your own closet or your children’s dresser drawers? 

Sure, you could donate the items - but maybe there are a collection of shirts that are just a bit too precious to your heart. You can’t say goodbye to them just yet. Maybe that’s because your child or grandchild has grown up too quickly. Or, perhaps it’s because you’ve lost a loved one and you can’t bring yourself to part with their final belongings. 

No matter why you’re not willing to part with those old clothes, the problem remains - what can you do with them?

That’s where we come in.

Project Repat makes it easy and affordable to get a memory blanket made from clothes. With more experience than any company out there and the most simple, straightforward process in the industry - it’s no wonder we’re regarded as the best t-shirt blanket company. 

Keep reading to learn more about what makes us the #1 choice - or, get the process started today!

What Makes Project Repat the Best Choice for a Memory Blanket Made From Clothes?

We were the first company to offer quilts made from t shirts way back in the day. And today, we’re still upholding our reputation for excellence. Parents and grandparents around the world trust us with the task of bringing their blanket to life - and you can too.

With over a million blankets made to date, you can rest assured we have the experience necessary to create a stunning final product that exceeds your expectations. Perhaps more importantly, your blanket is made in a worker-owned factory right here in the USA, where workers are paid a fair wage - unlike our biggest competitors!

Moreover, we allow you to truly make this memory quilt your own. If you have special requests, we always do our best to accommodate them. And if you need help throughout the process, we’re here - so don’t be shy! 

Ready to Get Started? Here’s How it Works…

Ready to get your memory blanket made from clothes? The best part about choosing Project Repat is how seamless the process is from start to finish. 

First, you can choose your size and fleece color. At that point, you’ll check out and be emailed instructions on the next step: sending your t-shirts or other articles of clothing to our factory. 

At that point, your responsibilities are complete - we’ll handle the rest! We’ll get to work quilting your blanket to perfection with great attention to detail. 

We take great pride in our craft - and we look forward to serving you! Get started today and see the Project Repat difference firsthand.

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