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T-shirt Quilt Makers in Charlotte NC

Looking for the #1 T-shirt Quilt Makers in Charlotte NC? Your Search Ends Here!

Are you on the hunt for the best t-shirt quilt maker in Charlotte NC? If so, you’ve come to the right place - your search ends at Project Repat! 

With over 10 years of experience and a million t-shirt quilts made to date, you can trust that your project is in the most capable hands when you pick us as your custom t-shirt quilt company. And, you’ll enjoy a simple, seamless process from start to finish - with exceptional customer support every step of the way. 

When making a t-shirt quilt, you’re trusting the company you choose with your most prized pieces of clothing. There’s a lot at stake - and you can’t afford to entrust the project with anyone but the best. That’s where we come in.

There’s a reason we’ve come to be known as the preferred choice not just in Charlotte, North Carolina - but worldwide. And by starting the project today, you’ll soon see why that is. But if you’re still on the fence about where to get t-shirt quilts made, keep reading - we’ll explain why we’re the premier choice in the entire industry. 

Why Project Repat is the Premier Choice for T-shirts Quilts in Charlotte NC

Among all the options in the industry, more and more customers trust their favorite t-shirts with us at Project Repat. Why is that? Well, there are actually a few reasons we’re the premier choice for all your t shirt memory quilt needs. It comes down to better craftsmanship, better pricing, a transparent process from start to finish, and exceptional customer support every step of the way.

We were the original t-shirt quilt maker back in 2012. And since then, we’ve only gotten better. With 10 years of experience under our belt and a million blankets made to date, you can trust that you’re in the most capable hands when you pick us as your t-shirt quilt maker in Charlotte, NC. Our quilt makers are incredibly skilled and we use the best supplies and materials possible to create a stunning work of art, every time.

And, we’re able to offer ultra-low pricing despite our high-quality work. This is because we’ve taken a far more efficient approach to t-shirt quilting. As a result, we can work faster - and translate all these savings over to you, the customer. Make no mistake, though - our workers are paid an incredibly fair wage and work in excellent conditions in our worker-owned factory in North Carolina. When you compare this to the alternatives (many quilts are made in prisons, college campuses, or overseas), Project Repat is the clear choice.

And, you never have to worry about where your shirts are any step of the way. We make it easy to track your order from start to finish so you can enjoy peace of mind during the process. Should you have any questions or concerns along the way, just reach out - we’re happy to help! But at this point, you should be left with no doubts - we’re the right choice for t-shirt quilts in Charlotte NC! And if you’re ready to get started yourself, here’s how it works. 

How to Get Your T Shirt Quilt in Charlotte NC Fast at Project Repat

One of the main reasons our customers end up choosing us for t-shirt quilts in Charlotte NC is the seamless ordering process we’ve created. Start by considering the specific t-shirt quilt pattern you have in mind - along with how many t-shirts you want to use in your quilt. This will dictate how much your t-shirt quilt costs. Once you have a better idea of the layout, sizing, and backing color you want to go with, you can place your order and checkout.

At that point, you’ll send your shirts into our factory in North Carolina to have them transformed into a stunning, one-of-one custom t-shirt quilt. We’ll send a remarkable quilt back your way in a timely manner. It couldn’t be any easier!

Discover Firsthand Why We’re the #1 T Shirt Quilt Makers in Charlotte NC Today!

At this point, there’s only one thing left to do - start your order today! You’re just a few clicks away from getting started with the #1 t-shirt quilt makers in Charlotte NC. You’ll be glad you went with Project Repat. But, if you’re still a bit skeptical, just take a look at some of our past work and testimonials - they speak for themselves!

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