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Where is Memory Stitch Located?

Where is Memory Stitch Located? The Shocking Truth…

T-shirt quilts are an excellent way to use old shirts and create a lasting keepsake from your favorite pieces. If you’ve ever looked into how to make a tshirt quilt DIY 

or where to get t-shirt quilts made, you’ve probably come across Memory Stitch at some point. 

Memory Stitch is a custom t-shirt quilt maker and may look like a wholesome business from the outside. However, the truth of what goes on behind the scenes is shocking, beginning with their real location. If you want to know the answer to the question “where is Memory Stitch located?” read on for all the details about this shady website. 

Where is Memory Stitch Located?

If you Google search the question “where is Memory Stitch located”, the first result you will see is “Lincoln, NE.” This may not seem like a big deal at first glance. But where in Nebraska is Memory Stitch making t-shirt quilts, exactly? 

When purchasing a memory quilt from this company, you are asked to send in your t-shirts for production following your purchase. This is another normal process, but the location you will send your package to is anything but. 

A search of the exact address provided by Memory Stitch will reveal where they are producing these quilts:  a correctional facility. 

Yes, Memory Stitch’s quilts are made inside a prison in Nebraska through a contract with Cornhusker Industries, a state agency

Other Issues With Memory Stitch Besides the Fact that Their Quilts are Made in a Prison in Nebraska

Lack Of Transparency 

When you purchase an item from any company as a consumer, transparency is expected. You are giving your hard-earned money to a business, after all, so it’s not unreasonable to want them to be honest with you. 

We are curious why the team at MemoryStitch does not want to be transparent about where their quilts are made. Would customers prefer to send to Project Repat's worker-owned textile factory in western North Carolina where workers are treated well and become member-owners of their company? 

Do customers really want to send their precious t-shirt memories behind bars? 

The address to which Memory Stitch directs customers to send their shirts is the address of  Cornhusker State Industries, which is a program of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. However, the MemoryStitch website makes no reference to Cornhusker State Industries or the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. The parent company of Memorystitch - Tekbrands, which is also the owner of Accuquilt - has been making their products using prison labor for a long time. While consumers cannot know how much compensation Nebraska prisoners actually receive for the work they do for MemoryStitch, the report linked here certainly raises some interesting ethical questions about the use of incarcerated persons to provide services to private companies, such as MemoryStitch, and what the incarcerated persons actually receive for their work.

Looking to Get a T-Shirt Quilt From a Transparent, Reputable, & Experienced Company?

Project Repat is the most popular and trusted source for memory quilts, produced in our employee-owned factory in North Carolina. We pay our workers a fair and living wage and put care into every quilt that travels through our facility. You can learn more about our production partner here

What Makes Project Repat the #1 Choice for T-shirt Quilts & Memory Blankets?

Project Repat is the #1 custom t-shirt quilt maker for many reasons. For starters, we don’t try to cut corners on quality to make profits, and we certainly don’t outsource production to any prisons. 

Shop with us for custom t shirt quilts that are ethically produced and handled with care. 

How to Get Started

When you’re ready to design your custom t-shirt quilt from Project Repat, visit our website to get started. We provide a straightforward process to deliver a top-quality t-shirt quilt without wasting time. 

First, choose the size of your quilt. We offer 5 different sizing options: lap, twin, full, large throw, and queen. In the same step, you will be able to choose the color of your fleece backing. 

Next, follow our instructions to send us your t-shirts in the mail. You will be notified once we receive them at our facility. Check out our resource on how many shirts for a tshirt quilt for additional guidance on this step. 

Lastly, we will send you a tracking number for your completed quilt once it’s shipped back to you! 

Wrapping up What You Need to Know About Memory Stitch

As you can see, Memory Stitch is not exactly who they claim to be when they say they do not outsource their work. At first glance at their website, you may not be aware of how they are making their t shirt quilts. Even after purchasing your quilt and getting to the point of shipping your t-shirts to their facility, the fact that the address on the label is a prison can easily get past you. That is not your fault. Shouldn't you know that your shirts are being made by workers behind bars? 


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