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Looking for a Stunning T-Shirt Quilt in Houston? Project Repat has You Covered!

Are searching for a t-shirt quilt in Houston? If so, you’re in the right place. While there are plenty of options in the area, only one is worth working with to bring your quilt to life - and that’s Project Repat.

Maybe you’re looking to get a Houston Astros t-shirt quilt made to honor your favorite team over the years. Or, perhaps you’re just looking for a great gift idea for your kids or grandkids - while preserving memories at the very same time. Either way, our tee shirt quilts are an exceptional choice!

With the most experience and a reputation for consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations, you can enjoy peace of mind by letting us handle this project for you. We make it easier than the competition, too, with a seamless customization and ordering process. 

Project Repat is the #1 choice not just in Houston, Texas - but throughout the entire country. Let us help you bring your high-quality, affordable custom t-shirt blanket to life today! If you’re still not sure why you should pick us, keep reading - we’ll explain.

Why Choose Project Repat as Your Houston T-shirt Quilt Maker?

Why choose us as your Houston t-shirt quilt maker? There are actually quite a few reasons we’ve been featured on CNN, Elle, the Today Show, and many other reputable publications. And, real customers just like you have put their trust in us - as we’ve developed over a million quilts to date. 

First and foremost is our experience. We were the first company to offer this product/service way back in the day when we noticed there was a need for someone like us. Someone who could help families in Houston and worldwide preserve their memories through custom quilts. So, we decided to be that someone - and the very first t shirt quilt company was born! Fast forward to today, and we’re still the most trusted choice!

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we still make our quilts ourselves in a worker-owned factory in the United States. Our team is paid a fair wage - and you can enjoy peace of mind through our transparent process.

Another huge benefit of choosing us for this project is how easy we make it from start to finish. Moreover, we’re willing to help you with special upgrades like embroideries, photos, custom messaging - and a whole lot more. If you have a unique request, don’t be shy about asking us to accommodate it - we are here to help you! 

As you can see, Project Repat is the clear choice for memory quilts. And we can sense how eager you are to get started! We’ll guide you through the process below.

How it Works

If you’re wondering how to make a t-shirt quilt at Project Repat, you’ll be delighted to discover how easy it is! First, consider the sizing of your quilt. We know what you’re thinking…how many shirts for a tshirt quilt are necessary? We have a handy size chart on the product page to help you navigate this decision. Just know that the more t-shirts you use, the more your quilt will cost.

Once you’ve figured out the sizing of your Houston t-shirt quilt, you can start to ponder the various t shirt quilt ideas out there. Pick a fun, unique theme or keep things simple - there is no right or wrong answer. Whatever you ultimately decide, the recipient will love it because you made it just for them!

Next is checking out and placing your order. From there, you’ll be emailed instructions on what to do next - which is the final step to getting your t-shirt quilt in Houston. You’ll be asked to ship us your shirts for the quilt. At this point, we’ll get hard to work bringing your quilt to life in the fastest manner possible - without compromising on the quality of course!

Then, we’ll ship your new memory blanket your way. It’s that easy! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

Let’s Get Started on Your T-shirt Quilt in Houston Today!

At this point, you know where to get a t-shirt quilt in Houston and worldwide, for that matter. And that’s right here at Project Repat. As the most experienced, trusted choice in the industry, you can feel confident choosing us. You’re in good hands.

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