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What is a Memory Quilt? Why These Blankets Have Taken the World by Storm

What is a Memory Quilt? Why These Blankets Have Taken the World by Storm

The unique design behind memory quilts has taken the world by storm! But what is a memory quilt, exactly? Of course it’s a blanket - which can be used for either function or decor - but what’s the deeper meaning?

Used from fabric stored over the years and holding memories, memory quilts combine these fabrics into one personalized blanket. This is done for various reasons, like memorializing a lost loved one, commemorating an event, or celebrating milestones in life. However, creating a memory quilt can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any experience with sowing. That’s why Project Repat has stepped forward with the highest ratings and most affordable memory quilts, making it easy for you to ship your fabrics so they can create a cherished masterpiece of a memory quilt. 

In this article, we’ll describe more about what a memory quilt is, what is used to make a memory quilt, and more exciting information so you can invest in your memory quilt! 

What is a Memory Quilt?

So, what is a memory blanket or memory quilt? 

A memory quilt, sometimes referred to as a remembrance quilt or memory blanket is a quilt or blanket created to preserve memories of a lost loved one. However, they can also be used to preserve or celebrate important moments in life, whether it be family history, an event, or a loved one. 

Memorializing a Lost Loved One

We recommend a memory quilt if you’re struggling with what to do with a loved one’s clothes after their passing. This unique design memorializes memories of a loved one in a gentle way by creating a blanket or quilt that packs together cherished moments. 

Commemorating or Cherishing Milestones or Moments

Another excellent use for memory quilts is to combine cherished moments or milestones. It can even be a unique gift to give a friend or family member! 

Whether it be old practice t-shirts and jerseys, a combination of old sweaters, or a bunch of theater shirts from high school, a memory quilt is a fantastic method of combining these items into one special package. The fond nostalgia it brings is worth the investment----plus, you’re finally cleaning out the drawers in your dresser! 

What is a Memory Blanket Made of?

A memory blanket is made from clothing that’s been collected, usually t-shirts or even sweaters. These pieces showcase a journey, event, or place in time brought together in one beautiful masterpiece. Other items used to make a memory blanket include neckties, jeans, blankets, jerseys, hats, slacks, gloves, and more! 

Curious how many t-shirts you may need for a memory quilt? Take a peek at our post answering any questions you may have on the number of t-shirts or other fabric required for a decent-sized memory quilt. And for anyone curious or desiring to proceed with caution after receiving their memory quilt, we detail how to wash a t-shirt quilt safely to ensure your memory quilt remains intact and undamaged for years to come! 

Should I Make My Own Memory Quilt or Get it Made Professionally?

Getting your memory quilt professionally made is always recommended, as you’re guaranteed great results. Give our post on where to get t-shirt quilts made a read, or simply check out our website at Project Repat to learn more about the #1 choice memory quilt markers online with guaranteed customer satisfaction. If you’re curious about the price, in a previous post, we discussed how much it costs to make a t-shirt quilt

For those leaning on the other end of the spectrum, check out our other post that guides beginners on how to make a DIY t-shirt quilt. Of course, learning how to make your memory quilt will come easier if you already have experience, but if you’re a beginner, you may find yourself struggling and wasting precious fabric. But, at the end of the day, if you are willing to spend the time and effort to learn how to make your memory quilt, go for it! It’ll be a unique new skill to hone and continue to patch up memories in a fun way. 

We recommend following along with our step-by-step guide of instructions to learn the best way to DIY your memory quilt. And for innovative fashion tips and ideas, follow our post on the best t-shirt quilt ideas to help inspire your unique work of art! 

Project Repat has got you covered for those desiring to hand off the deed to a professional. Our services are affordable and high-quality---but our rates and reviews from over a million customers will do the talking for us!

What is a Memory Quilt Maker That I Can Trust?

Project Repat is the #1 custom t-shirt quilt company in the game, thanks to our affordable custom t-shirt quilts that have pleased over a million customers. As the most established and popular t-shirt company in the United States, Project Repat boasts excellent ratings and even better results. 

We’re committed to providing our customers only the best results at Project Repat by constructing an easy way for you to send your shirts in while offering upgrades like photos, embroideries, and custom messaging. 

Our t-shirt memory quilt will help you preserve the memories you cherish most with the most affordable and high-quality t-shirt quilt. We back the memory quilts with ultra-soft fleece to create the coziest t-shirt quilt out there, so you will have a unique memory quilt and a comfy one too! 

Wrapping Things Up

From memorializing a lost loved one to commemorating milestones, memory quilts are a beautiful way to cherish memories and milestones over the years. And that’s why we created Project Repat---to empower this unique and memorable vision! 

At Project Repat, we are dedicated to making high-quality and affordable memory quilts that represent cherished memories and moments created and milestones and achieved. As a company, we promote high-quality and affordable products and a straightforward shipping process to make the process easy for our cherished customers. And with our high ratings and reviews by paid customers, you’re guaranteed to receive the memory quilt you’ve been dreaming of!

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