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Tees you Can't Part With

Janet was always looking for a creative way to use the many t-shirts her daughter Kat had amassed in her lifetime, "She doesn't wear them but can't part with them. I found Project Repat and now have a wonderful memory quilt for her. It came out so great"

"For Kat, this blanket is full of memories from kindergarten through college at Kean University, from a Disney cruise vacation to school plays to World Cup Cheer and playing Lacrosse.  It is truly amazing the memories that come back from looking at a T-Shirt.  I love Project-Repat for allowing us to display those memories instead of leaving them in a box"


Even better, while gathering the shirts for Kat, Janet came up with another great idea, "I noticed that we had a lot of doubles because I usually got one too and immediately thought of Kat's good friend from cheerleading, Mallory. She had many of those same shirts but lost all of them when her home burned down. I can't wait to make a memory t-shirt blanket for Mallory we know she'll love"

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