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Cherishing College Memories: AIC Students and Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

Cherishing College Memories: AIC Students and Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

College years are often some of the most memorable times in a person's life, filled with academic achievements, friendships, sports events, and countless activities. For students at American International College (AIC), these experiences are marked not only by memories but also by the t-shirts collected along the way. From club events to sports teams, each shirt tells a story. As graduation approaches, many students seek meaningful ways to preserve these memories. Enter Project Repat, a company dedicated to transforming old t-shirts into beautiful, functional quilts.

The AIC Experience

American International College, located in the vibrant city of Springfield, Massachusetts, offers a rich and diverse college experience. Students at AIC are involved in a myriad of activities, from academic clubs and cultural organizations to athletic teams and volunteer groups. Over the years, these activities often result in a large collection of t-shirts, each one representing a different aspect of the college journey.

However, as students prepare to graduate, they often face the challenge of what to do with their growing collection of t-shirts. Keeping them all might not be practical, but throwing them away feels like discarding valuable memories. This is where Project Repat comes in, offering a perfect solution that combines practicality with sentimentality.

Project Repat: Turning Memories into Quilts

Project Repat specializes in transforming old t-shirts into personalized quilts, providing a unique way to preserve and celebrate cherished memories. The process is simple and user-friendly, making it easy for AIC students to create a lasting memento of their college years.

  1. Selecting the Quilts: Students start by choosing the size of their quilt. Whether they have 16 t-shirts or 64, Project Repat can accommodate various quantities, ensuring that all important memories have a place.

  2. Preparing the T-Shirts: Once the size is selected, students send their t-shirts to Project Repat. The company provides clear instructions on how to prepare and ship the shirts, ensuring a smooth process.

  3. Creating the Quilt: Skilled artisans at Project Repat then cut out the designs and logos from the t-shirts, carefully arranging them into a quilt top. The quilt is finished with a cozy fleece backing, resulting in a high-quality, durable product.

A Sustainable and Sentimental Choice

For AIC students, creating a t-shirt quilt with Project Repat is more than just a way to clear out their closets. It’s a chance to repurpose their cherished t-shirts in an environmentally friendly way. Instead of contributing to textile waste, these students are turning their old clothes into something new and meaningful.

Moreover, Project Repat’s commitment to ethical manufacturing practices ensures that each quilt is made with care and respect for both people and the planet. All quilts are produced in the USA, supporting local jobs and fair wages.

Celebrating the Journey

As AIC students wrap themselves in their t-shirt quilts, they are enveloped by the memories of their college journey. Each square represents a piece of their story, from late-night study sessions and thrilling sports victories to meaningful volunteer work and unforgettable social events. The quilt becomes a tangible reminder of the community and experiences that shaped their time at AIC.

In this way, Project Repat not only helps AIC students preserve their memories but also encourages them to celebrate their unique journeys. The t-shirt quilt is a symbol of their achievements, friendships, and personal growth, making it a perfect keepsake as they move forward into the next chapter of their lives.


For American International College students, Project Repat t-shirt quilts offer a beautiful, sustainable way to commemorate their college years. By transforming old t-shirts into lasting mementos, students can cherish their memories while making an environmentally conscious choice. These quilts are more than just blankets; they are a celebration of the AIC experience and a testament to the vibrant, diverse lives of its students.

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