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Michigan State T SHIRT QUILT



I've always been a collector of T-shirts. Even at a young age, I tried to get a T-shirt whenever visiting somewhere new or to mark a special occasion. In college, I knew I had to continue this tradition. As a die-hard sports fan when I started at Michigan State, I collected all of the T-shirts from moments that stood out to me. Shirts from football and basketball student sections and student ticket campouts, to trips to the Final Four and victories over hated rivals. Every shirt represented a special time in my life. I continued this tradition after I graduated and started graduate school at Central Michigan. When I was finally satisfied with my collection of shirts, I sent them in to Project Repat to be made into my “College Years” t shirt quilt. What better way to preserve those memories? It turned out great and I couldn’t be happier. Now all I have to do is design another one!


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