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Remembering VT with a T-shirt Quilt

The college years are considered to be very life-changing and amazing for just about everyone. You decide on a career path, start to become an expert in your interests, and begin separating yourself from mom and dad becoming an independent, functioning adult.
Virginia Tech came to mean more to me than just those things. 
On April 16, 2007 my world changed forever. The worst school shooting in history happened, killing 32 amazing people. I was a junior living in the dorm where the first shooting happened and on my way to class unknowing that the second shootings were happening. A day I will certainly never forget. 
The t-shirts that comprise my blanket mean so much more than just the amazing nights with friends, all-nighters spent cramming for an exam, or the heart-pounding football games we would win (and sometimes lose). They represent a time when I learned to appreciate life and realize that it's fleeting, when I learned compassion and strength. Now I live for those 32 everyday. This t-shirt quilt is to remember them. 
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