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granddoggies enjoy t-shirt quilts too

My Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt is just a beautiful cuddly postcard of many years of my life….a fan of Yogi Berra growing up, Care bears craze during my daughter’s youth, once in a lifetime event watching both the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel….what a night!  My favorite summer orientation t-shirt from my 35+ years as an Academic Advisor at the University at Buffalo and memories of giving out awards at the Special Olympics all combined together with T-shirts from places I have been and others where family and friends went and brought me those special souvenirs!  And Elvis is in the House from a trip to the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame!  A Junior Achievement World’s Largest Snowman from the organization where I met my husband and Niagara University where my daughter received the Top senior award and played volleyball.  How can you display all that living in one area and one that keeps the family comfy!  My granddoggie is enjoying it in the photo.  Thanks Repat! - Patricia
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