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Music and Memories T-shirt Quilt

"I sent a bunch of old t-shirts to Project Repat to be made into a full sized t-shirt quilt, and in less than a month I ended up with a warm blanket and great conversation piece. My blanket represents a lot of cherished memories - mostly concerts I've seen, but also vacations I've taken. I grew up in a household filled with music, and one of the shirts - the Frank Zappa 1980 tour shirt - belonged to my late mother, who passed down her love of music to me. The Ziggy Stardust shirt was a Christmas present she bought me when I was in high school. My blanket also includes mementos from Chicago, New York, Iceland, and Liverpool, England"

"Souvenir and concert t-shirts aren't cheap and all of them carry a good memory, even if they were too small or too tattered for me to wear anymore. so re-purposing them was a perfect way to preserve memories and get some more value out of my shirts; they can enjoy new life as a practical item and keepsake. And Project Repat's prices are way more than reasonable, it felt like a no-brainer! After my friends saw the finished product, they all wanted one of their own. I'm really happy I stumbled across Project Repat's services! My blanket was a gift to myself, and it's one of the best presents I've ever given me"

 Taffy the Kitty cuddling up with Chris's new t-shirt quilt!

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