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A Long Time Coming

Whitney always wanted a t-shirt quilt when she came across Project Repat. "Ever since I graduated high school and had tons of club and sport shirts I've been wanting to turn them into a keepsake. Now, I've been out of college at Webster for a few years and have even more shirts"

From yearbook staff tees to basketball, first jobs, American Idol, the Webster TV station and trips, you name it Whitney had the shirt to remember it. "After doing research for years I came across sites that wanted to charge $400 for a full size quilt and there were even more hoops to jump through. I stumbled on Project Repat and I have nothing but thrilled with them. Best of all my quilt was affordable and MADE IN THE USA. I chose the sides of the shirts I wanted and it arrived within a few weeks. It's the warmest, most cozy blanket I have every owned and it hold so much meaning. Every time I hit the couch and grab my t-shirt quilt I'm in love" 

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