Cotton Mask

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BioSmart: This mask has loops around the ears and uses Milliken's BioSmart Level 1 patented antimicrobial material. It can be washed up to 75 times, and can be washed with bleach to activate an anti-microbial material killing up to 99.9% of germs. It's a lighter weight, which is great for the summer and hot temperatures, but highly effective and the material is used for a lot of medical PPE.  

100% Cotton Masks: We offer two kinds of cotton masks, both tie around the back of the head instead of loops for the ears. They can be washed many times, and are made of a heavier material that will keep our more germs and particles. The white masks are pleated, while the green, purple, and red masks are not. 

IMPORTANT: Please wash in hot water. You can put them in a pillowcase in the wash so it keeps the elastics well. You can dry in the dryer. 

 The CDC is now suggesting masks being worn in public. These aren't a perfect solution, and they are not meant for medical professionals, nor do they guarantee to stop the transmission of Covid19, but they can act as a barrier to prevent more community spread. This product is good for going outside for walks, or to the pharmacy, or to the supermarket, and keeping your social distance. The masks can protect wearers from spreading Covid-19, especially if they lack symptoms and are unsure they have the disease. 

It's time to flatten the curve!

"The debate is over, we should all be wearing masks. We should be taking a precautionary principle, and we didn't start early enough." Joseph Allen, assistant professor of exposure assessment science at Harvard. April 3rd.