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Instagram features Project Repat t shirt quilts

What do you do with all of those old t-shirts that have sentimental value but that you haven’t worn in years? Continue to horde them in your closet or bite the bullet and toss them out? Project Repat (@ProjectRepatUSA) seeks to solve this dilemma by “upcycling” your old, no-longer-worn tees into other usable items like blankets and tote bags.

"We want to make it easy for people to preserve the memories they have with their t-shirts," says Nathan Rothstein, one of Repat’s founders. "People use Instagram to capture and preserve their memories, and we are in the memory preservation business as well."

Project Repat shares their story on Instagram, posting photos of finished items and giving their followers a look into the Massachusetts facilities that cut and sew the old t-shirts into their new forms.

"We use Instagram to share the finished product with our customers, but also bring them inside our production process. An integral part of our business is to be transparent with how we operate, and Instagram gives our customers an inside look into who makes their products."

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