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Missouri Pi Beta Phi - A Sorority T-Shirt Quilt Story

Sorority Blanket: From Sisters to Stitchers

We wanted to share this nice note from one of our happy customers who ordered a custom sorority t shirt blanket from us, along with our response.

Missouri Sorority Tshirt Quilt

"I've been researching for quilting companies to put a blanket together for me for quite sometime, but I'm so glad I stumbled across Project Repat."

We're so glad you found us!

I turned all of my old high school and college t shirts into an adorable, warm blanket that everyone loves.

Awesome! At Project Repat, we love turning heart-warming memories, like Greek life, into heart-warming t shirt quilts.

I've recommended Project Repat to all of my high school friends and sorority sisters, and everyone seems interested.

You’re too kind. Thank you!

My favorite part is the blanket was made in the US, with Eco friendly materials, and provided jobs and services for people. Thank you so much for a great product!"

You’re making us blush. But it’s true, we’re dedicated to making your t shirt quilts in the United States, and to supporting American workers with living wages. The “Repat” in Project Repat is short for repatriating textile jobs back in America.

When you buy a sorority quilt from us, you’re honoring the memories of your sisterhood, and you’re supporting American families in the textile industry.

Thanks for trusting us to turn your cherished memories into a cherished blankets!

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