jobs with dignity

Who makes our awesome t-shirt quilt blankets?

Opportunity Threads is a worker-owned cut and sew company in Morganton, North Carolina. North Carolina lost over 250,000 textile jobs in the late 90s, but Opportunity Threads has created a place with a great working environment and top quality workmanship that is working hard to 'repat-riate' those textile jobs back to North Carolina. They have a collaborative model where each worker adds their input to the production process, and there are opportunities to earn an ownership stake in the company.  

Opportunity Threads, where many Project Repat T-shirt Quilts are made

Precision Sportswear is a lean manufacturing company in Fall River, Massachusetts. During the industrial revolution, 15 new corporations and 22 new mills were built in Fall River, with over a million spindles, and 1/6 of all cotton production was done in this Massachusetts city that by 1920 grew to a population of a 120,000. But over the course of the 20th Century, the manufacturing jobs dwindled, while companies chased cheap labor and lax regulation. Precision is an amazing example of a company finding a way to work through the challenges of American manufacturing and it is an honor to be working with them. 

Precision Sportswear makes many Project Repat t-shirt quilts
Our quilts are backed with Polartec fleece, the highest quality fleece in the world. Made in the USA out of recycled materials, and SUPER soft and cozy. Each yard of fleece used is made from 20 plastic bottles that otherwise would end up in landfills! 

How does buying a t-shirt quilt help the world?

  • Keeps t-shirts out of landfills by recycling them
  • Provides fair wage jobs in the United States for our production partners
  • Supports other American organizations like the Post Office and Eco-Enclose
  • Creates blankets that require no water or other resources to make
The environmental impact of Project Repat t-shirt quilts