jobs with dignity

Who makes our awesome t-shirt quilt blankets?

Opportunity Threads is a worker-owned cut and sew company in Morganton, North Carolina. North Carolina lost over 250,000 textile jobs in the late 90s, but Opportunity Threads has created a place with a great working environment and top quality workmanship that is working hard to 'repat-riate' those textile jobs back to North Carolina. They have a collaborative model where each worker adds their input to the production process, and there are opportunities to earn an ownership stake in the company.  

Opportunity Threads, where many Project Repat T-shirt Quilts are made

Precision Sportswear is a lean manufacturing company in Fall River, Massachusetts. During the industrial revolution, 15 new corporations and 22 new mills were built in Fall River, with over a million spindles, and 1/6 of all cotton production was done in this Massachusetts city that by 1920 grew to a population of a 120,000. But over the course of the 20th Century, the manufacturing jobs dwindled, while companies chased cheap labor and lax regulation. Precision is an amazing example of a company finding a way to work through the challenges of American manufacturing and it is an honor to be working with them. 

Precision Sportswear makes many Project Repat t-shirt quilts

How does buying a t-shirt quilt help the world?

  • Keeps t-shirts out of landfills by recycling them
  • Provides fair wage jobs in the United States for our production partners
  • Supports other American organizations like the Post Office and Eco-Enclose
  • Creates blankets that require no water or other resources to make
The environmental impact of Project Repat t-shirt quilts