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Dr.Lill Prescribes Project Repat

Lillian Lalo, a news reporter at an ABC station in Huntsville, Alabama blogged about her t-shirt quilting experiences How I Organize and Embrace My T-Shirt Obsession on her site Dr.Lill where she delivers "your daily dose of whimsicality". Here is Lillian's story;

I love T-shirts.
It’s kind of an obsession.

I see t-shirts as little pieces of your life scrapbook that you get to wear!

Our collection is extensive. Chris and I share a t-shirt tower that is stuffed to capacity. We’ve got everything from high-school shirts, to frat party shirts, to t-shirts from our favorite Sushi place and everything in between.

A few years ago we started a rule that we always buy large shirts. That way we can share and our collection is kept at a more manageable level. (No more duplicate t-shirts in different sizes) We usually get gender neutral colors and have a soft spot in our hearts for Comfort Colors.

With our T-shirt collection constantly growing and changing, we needed to find something to do with our outgrown, damaged or out of date t-shirts.

A few years ago, I found MemoryQuilts4U. I ordered my first t-shirt blanket from this company.It turned out beautiful. (click here to see!) However, MemoryQuilty4U no longer exists. I can’t find any trace of the company online. Boo…

When it was time for t-shirt blanket #2, I decided to try Project Repat. I couldn’t believe the price! I could buy 5 Project Repat blankets equal to the price of my last blanket. Wow.

The company is organized and has fabulous customer service. The website is designed in a way that makes ordering extremely simple. You should check out the website just to admire streamline and user friendly design.

My newest blanket is double sided, lightweight, super portable and limp/floppy in a good way. It’s perfect!

Hobbes approves of side 1.


Highlights include: the “Lillian” t-shirt that I bought when I was dating Chris. I didn’t want to be presumptuous and put both of our names on the shirt before we were married. lol. Chris also noticed I would wear this silly shirt when I was mad at him. haha. Also my Minor Tigersshirt! That one comes from my high school cheerleading days. When we played Minor is was always THE BEST because they sold homemade candy apples. My Zoes Kitchen t-shirt commemorates my first job in high school. I’ll never work in food service again, but I’m so glad I did. And finally the Mash Bash swap t-shirt from freshman year of college. That was the ATO-DG swap where Chris and I met.

Winnie approves of side 2!

Highlights include: my first TIE-DYE t-shirt. I made it when I was about 6-year-old at vacation bible school. I was so proud of it. Also my CHER t-shirt! I’ve always loved Cher. Instead of being a normal child that wanted to go to an N*Sync or Brittany concert…. I begged to go to a Cher concert.


I highly recommend having your own t-shirt quilt made! It’s a fun way to preserve your memories and cut down on clutter. I had the double sided large blanket made. It’s the most useful size I think.

… { L } …

Visit to Dr.Lill's site to tell her your way of cutting down on t-shirt clutter or about the oldest and most special t-shirt in your collection!

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