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Industrial Cobras T Shirt Blanket Pride

Industrial Cobras T Shirt Blanket Pride

School T Shirt Quilt


Our elementary school has a fundraiser each year in March.  When the school year started, I thought that an Industrial Cobra t-shirt blanket would be an awesome auction item for our Spring Carnival. Since I don't sew, I had no idea where to start when my sister-in-law told me about Project Repat.  

I was so impressed by the raving reviews that I immediately knew it was the place!  So I started collecting t-shirts from teachers, staff members, and friends.  I was able to collect forty-nine tees to make a queen sized blanket from various "Cobra-proud" organizations within our school district; football, tennis, softball, basketball, baseball, volleyball, FFA, cheer-leading and more.  I knew that this t-shirt blanket would be amazing when it came back, but I didn't realize just how amazing!

The handiwork was incredible.  It was obvious that much pride went into transforming the t-shirts into such a beautiful piece of art.  It was so cozy and made with such attention to detail. It's cozy, cost-effective, and so darn cute! It's a real classy piece of work and very well done. It's obvious that great pride went into it and I knew that someone would treasure it forever!

Needless to say, our Industrial Cobra t-shirt blanket was a very successful auction item!  We also auctioned off a Project Repat kit for someone to have a custom-made twin t-shirt blanket of their very own! How blessed I feel to have found Project Repat; such quality work for such an affordable price!

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