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"Getting a hug from dad" - A Memory Quilt Story

Sometimes our customers share their stories with us to express how much their memory blankets mean to them and their loved ones. Last week, we got a note from Eva in Alabama about a very meaningful quilt we would be making for her family. Eva wrote,

“I know that every blanket you make is special to the person you are making it for.

Let me tell you how important this blanket will be. It is t-shirts that belonged to my children’s father. My youngest son, Drake is 10 years old. This blanket you are making will be for him. Drake sat and watched every Alabama game he could with his Dad, who was the biggest Alabama fan there ever was. His Dad committed suicide 5 months ago and these t-shirts are all that is left of his Dad. Drake will forever love this blanket.

I just wanted you to know how special this blanket will be.”


When we posted Eva’s letter on Facebook, our community rallied around her story. 

Eva's Memory Blanket Letter

A week later, Eva and Drake received their memory quilt. Here's what she wrote to us and posted:

"We got the quilts yesterday, and both of my children loved them. My son's response was to wrap it around him and say that it was the closest he could get from getting a hug from his Dad.

This past year, Drake, got to play football on his school's team. His Dad passed away in May and he never got to see Drake play a game. So, for the quilt that was made for Drake, it also had football shirts from this season mixed in with t-shirts from his Dad."

Thank you, Eva and Drake for sharing your story and the significance of your very special memory blanket.

Drake's Memorial Tshirt Quilt 

( If you have a memorial story that you'd like to share, please email us at 

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