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University of Michigan Pride and Memory

Slam Dunk: A Basketball T Shirt Quilt

Mugsy Reynolds had a Project Repat basketball t-shirt quilt created for her daughter that turned out to be much more than just a blanket. Her daughter, Carmen Reynolds, graduated from University of Michigan last spring and has since moved from Ohio to Sweden to continue her professional basketball career. Her basketball t shirt blanket gift is a meaningful memento from home, reminding her how far she's come.

"Project Repat did an awesome job of taking Carmen's University of Michigan practice T-shirts and gear from her four years of women's basketball there and created this wonderful comfy, soft quilt! Her time at U of M was filled with incredible memories that she will never forget. My daughter now plays professional basketball overseas and I plan to ship her the quilt at Christmas. She will get chills when she opens the package because of all her cherished college basketball memories. I know she will also get chills when she sees the tag attached to the quilt that tells her "my T-shirts were upcycled by Project Repat and made responsibly in the U.S.A." She loves her Alma Mater and she loves America! Honestly, I don't think I could have possibly come up with a more meaningful gift to send to my daughter at Christmas. THANK YOU Project Repat!"


Carmen's basetball tshirt quilt

Mugsy hopes Carmen's blanket will always remind of her successes and her roots while she goes on to accomplish even more. 

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