Season of Giving

December 07, 2013 1 min read

Lea Lewkowski ordered three Project Repat t-shirt quilts for holiday gifts.

The first two were Hanukah gifts,

"This one is for my soccer nut of a kid! He's played soccer since age 5 and I just knew someday we'd use all those shirts. Project Repat is a great way to still have your favorite shirts in a useful way"


It turned out to be a hit!


The second was made of all race tees from years of dedication;

The last is to give to her mom on Christmas;

"I had a small blanket made for my mother out of favorite shirts that belonged to my dad. He passed away last year and this blanket will be a gift to her this Christmas. Having a blanket made with shirts that were his favorite is going to be like getting a hug from him every time she uses it"


We are so happy we get the chance to bring memories and joy to so many customers during the Holiday season.