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T-shirt Quilt Day Dreaming

Kyle Fossey sent us the story of how his Project Repat t-shirt quilt came to be the best napping blanket in his home;

"I had never heard or Project Repat, but when I came across a Repat t-shirt blanket at a charity event where I was supporting a friend, I knew it was an awesome idea! Especially as a solution to the two bins of old t-shirts my girlfriend Erin and I had stuffed under our bed.  We (mostly I mean me) have an incredibly hard time getting rid of old shirts. Project Repat was the perfect way to get these shirts out from under the bed and not only showcase them but enjoy the cozy blanket.

The blanket is a mix of both mine and Erin's shirts comprised of teams we played on (high school and college), teams we support, races, and a few in there that we just couldn't get rid of.  I am extremely happy to have found Project Repat to recycle the shirts that would have otherwise just taken up space under my bed and to be able to support locally made products"


"The picture I snapped, while nowhere near glamorous, not only captured what we love about the t-shirts but what we also appreciate about the functionality of this recycled product. While I tried to take some photos of us posing with the blanket, I couldn't help but send the one I secretly snapped while everyone was sleeping. In the photo Erin, Maddie (Black Mouth Cur), and Timmy (Flame point Siamese) are all curled up together with the blanket on a chilly night in November"

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