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A T-Shirt Hoarders Dream!

Leanna told us how a Project Repat blanket was the perfect way to represent a lifetime of memories and a story of identity. “Tee Shirts have always been a major part of my life. I consider myself a jeans/sweats and a tee shirt kind of gal. Over the years I would want a tee shirt to show what I like or what I have done. These memories have included dance and drama competitions, travel destinations, and sports gear (GO Boston!) I have to thank my mother for being a tee shirt hoarder because without her, I probably would not have saved most of my tee shirts. With Project Repat I was able to create not one, but two gorgeous blankets that show the stages of my life”

In her first Project Repat blanket, Leanna represented her roots with an homage to her hometown Brockton, MA, “ The first blanket included dance and drama tee shirts,  tee-ball tee shirts, kindergarten, elementary and high school tees. There are even shirts from my first long term job, selling t-shirts(how appropriate!)  for the Brockton Rox local baseball team for five seasons”

After receiving her quilt, Leanna immediately knew  what to do with the rest of her shirts. Leanna  loves Boston and her shirt collection shows it, “My Boston quilt included all my Boston sports team shirts as well as BU and Harvard tees that reflect my adult life. Near the center of my quilt I included a tee shirt that my godmother (who passed away 11 years ago) helped me make when I was a child as a way to remember her. I also included 2 Lakers and 1 Dodgers tee, much to my father's chagrin, in honor of my godfather who lives in California”

Leanna ordered  her blanket just before the Boston Marathon Bombings and anxiously awaited its arrival,  feeling connected to her city more deeply  than ever. She was touched to find that feeling returned, “One of the best parts of opening the package for my Boston blanket was a note that I am assuming one of the blanket creators left me. It was quite simple and was written on a scrap piece of paper. It said, "Hey Leanna! Stay Boston Strong!" It was a very simple sentence but it carried a lot of weight and meant a lot to me. I'm sure anyone from Boston would share my sentiments”

“All in all I love both my quilts and am so pleased and thankful for Project Repat. I am constantly showing off my blankets and recommending Project Repat to friends and family. Thanks to my mom and all the other tee shirt hoarders out there, I think Project Repat will be in business for a long time”

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