Jeanne Gates had a t-shirt blanket made for her daughter Lisa to save and celebrate her tees from her years at Loyola Marymount University where she was a proud member and president of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Monika Butzbach had a t-shirt blanket made for her daughter as a memory book of her childhood and adventures growing up.

“Each t-shirt on the blanket has been worn by my daughter until they were falling apart or too small. She had a designated drawer for them and each time she went to clean out old clothes she couldn’t bring herself to give them away because of the memories associated with them.

The shirt collection goes back to when she was two years old hitting the trails with her mama, until she traveled 5,000 miles away from home. One of my daughters most memorable and life changing experiences was when she went on a mission trip with our church to Japan. Her Nihon Kenshu t-shirt represents the relationships she built with her Japanese host family and the many children that she was able to get to know and teach. She also learned a lot from her students about their culture and got to go to Asakusa and Niko the temples in Japan and experience their culture. It is a trip my daughter will never forget and now she will always have the t-shirt on her blanket from her trip to Japan.

Each shirt is a diverse memory and the blanket threads them together in a story I like to call life. From girl scouts to basketball, all the way to Chicago, all of her best memories are represented with just a few shirts that will help us both to never forget all of the fantastic times that she had growing up”


A blanket is our idea of a more comfortable memory book.

McKenzie Hanson’s Project Repat blanket celebrates her acting career, “My t-shirt blanket brings back my fondest memories from all of the plays I’ve been in. I remember being able to miss school on the performance days, performing in front of my childhood peers, dancing on stage between performances, eating pizza sitting in a circle on the floor as a united cast, and the adrenaline rush of opening night. With every signature of the cast members on the back of these t-shirts, I remember family. Each t-shirt has a story of a great time and friends.

Pecos Bill and Slue-Foot Sue Meet The Dirty Dan Gang was a landmark play for me because it was the first play I got to be a main character in. I have fond memories of this production because of the tight-knit cast. Everyone was family. We shared the innocence of being young and alive on stage. There is a joy in being on stage together; building each other up with the talent we each put forth.

Every time I received a t-shirt from a theater production I counted it as a prize. As I grew older I still loved theater but other interests weighed on me heavier than this old passion. When I moved out, all of my old t-shirts went into storage and when I pulled them out from storage I realized I had collected quite a few prizes. I  needed to do something with them and fast. I’ve always loved the idea of putting the t-shirts together into a quilt but I didn’t know where to go. I was overjoyed when I finally found out about Project Repat. These memories will always be a part of me”


A birthday gift blanket that also celebrates a long lasting friendship; from childhood camp to college sorority. 

Lexie Zelek’s colorful Project Repat blanket of childhood memories. From sports teams to concert tees, it represents, “all the good times”. 

Dru OConnel had five t-shirt blankets made to remember his father in-law who passed away this past December,

“I wanted to make sure that we had something to remember him by.  His shirts were a part of him and I wanted to give each of his five beloved children a remembrance of their father. He was the rock of our family and is truly missed each and every day.  Family was the most important thing to him and these blankets will remind us all every day how important our connection to him was. We all hold memories of each outing, church event, graduation and birthday party dad enjoyed and I used the shirts from them for our blankets. This is a great way to keep him with us”

We are incredibly touched to be entrusted with a family’s memories of a passed loved one. 

Coach Jabo coached basketball at Safety Harbor Middle School for 25 years. His blanket is a memento of all these years of coaching. “Coaching for 25 years, I saw many players move on and play on major college teams. Three of my boys even became players in the NBA.

I just retired after 36 years of teaching, 33 years at Safety Harbor Middle and 25 years of coaching basketball. Many of my players are going to join me for a party to celebrate my retirement, our 12 championships and an overall record of 225 wins. I will be handing out old game tapes, scorebooks and stat sheets and have my blanket proudly displayed.

This blanket represents all the years of coaching great players that went on to become great men”

Kim Morcom knew she wanted a t-shirt quilt for her son’s graduation and told us, “I was so excited to find Project Repat which was not only the most affordable, but is clearly concerned with keeping jobs in the U.S. and finding ways to make affordable, quality products” So Kim jumped on the opportunity to make Randall a memorable college memento from his Virginia Tech t-shirts. “The blanket arrived a week before Randall’s graduation and it was perfect. Randall loves the blanket, it means so much to him”

Randall also wrote to us to explain this important meaning, “Saying that Virginia Tech has a lot of school spirit is an understatement. Being a part of Hokie Nation carries with it a ton of pride, and my wardrobe consists of mostly maroon and orange clothing as a result. Over the years, I collected more Hokie t-shirts than I knew what to do with. As many of them got older and faded, I couldn’t wear them all but wanted to preserve them somehow”

“This shirt is one of the first that I got in college during my freshman orientation”

Football is a huge part of Virginia Tech, and this is just one of many shirts I have from our ‘effect’ games”

“Hokie Nation is one of the strongest communities I’ve ever known, and this shirt is from the annual Run in Remembrance in memory of those who were lost on April 16, 2007. We’re not defined by this tragedy, but rather we are made stronger, another thing I loved about Virginia Tech.

This is by far my favorite graduation gift, and I look forward to showing it off to everyone who visits. Now that I’ve graduated, I have moved 12 hours from Virginia Tech. But this blanket will help me to keep the spirit of Virginia Tech and my college memories alive and well no matter where I end up. GO HOKIES!!”

Diane Cookson had a t-shirt blanket made to hold onto some of her son’s favorite t-shirts. Looks comfy!

Sharon Davoren and her family collaborated to make a Project Repat blanket as a surprise her dad for his 70th Birthday, “Each family member, his six children and all the grand-kids, contributed a tee shirt for the blanket that represented something special about my dad or the family. My daughter Haley chose a Tweety Bird tee; my father loves his Saturday morning cartoons. Several are from his grandchildren’s schools or camps. A few are from places my Dad and his wife have visited. Each piece means something and the blanket as a whole represents the importance of our family”