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T-Shirt Blanket Story Series

Monika Butzbach had a t-shirt blanket made for her daughter as a memory book of her childhood and adventures growing up.

“Each t-shirt on the blanket has been worn by my daughter until they were falling apart or too small. She had a designated drawer for them and each time she went to clean out old clothes she couldn’t bring herself to give them away because of the memories associated with them.

The shirt collection goes back to when she was two years old hitting the trails with her mama, until she traveled 5,000 miles away from home. One of my daughters most memorable and life changing experiences was when she went on a mission trip with our church to Japan. Her Nihon Kenshu t-shirt represents the relationships she built with her Japanese host family and the many children that she was able to get to know and teach. She also learned a lot from her students about their culture and got to go to Asakusa and Niko the temples in Japan and experience their culture. It is a trip my daughter will never forget and now she will always have the t-shirt on her blanket from her trip to Japan.

Each shirt is a diverse memory and the blanket threads them together in a story I like to call life. From girl scouts to basketball, all the way to Chicago, all of her best memories are represented with just a few shirts that will help us both to never forget all of the fantastic times that she had growing up”


A blanket is our idea of a more comfortable memory book.

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