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T-Shirt Quilt Story Series: Runner Edition

Turn Race Day T-Shirts into Memory Quilts for Runners


Many Project Repat blankets are mementos of race triumphs. Our customers love when their blanket holds not only memories but feelings of pride and achievement. We love to make blankets with race shirts because we know how much they mean. Here are just some of the stories our runners have shared;


Chicago Marathon T-Shirt Blanket


Beverly Bonnema-Ream has a t-shirt blanket with shirts accumulated over 6 years of running, “one is for my first Chicago Marathon that I did at age 60 after just running for less than a year. This is just a small part of my collection of race achievements, so many of them bring back memories of not just accomplishments but the places and people associated with them”


Owen and T-Shirt Blanket

Becky Kacin and her kids (son, Owen, pictured above) love their blanket and what it represents, “each and every race shirt represents something. One reminds me of my journey of training for my first half marathon after having my youngest son. My blanket holds memories of hard work, friendship, firsts, fun and triumph”


Stephanie's Race T-Shirt Quilt

Stephanie Berowski had two blankets made to save all of her race shirts. “Every t-shirt holds a memory from my races; some of tears, some of strength, some of encouragement, some of laughter, some of amazing trips. My first half marathon I placed second in my age group, another time a race fell on my Birthday and I made my 2nd best time ever. Every Sunday night, my family has a movie night and I curl up with one blanket under my head and cover up with the other” It is important to relax and savor all of your hard work.

Jodie's Race Memory Quilt


Jodie Froehlich has kept her race t-shirts to remind herself of everything she has accomplished however large or small; “I love that my blanket is such an easy way to keep my memories all in one place. There are so many stories about each and every shirt included in the blanket. One is from my first marathon, one is from my first triathlon and another is from my first 50K. Each race has its own memories of the struggles i had to push through. Every race you receive a finisher shirt and I keep mine as a reminder of the triumph; crossing that finish line.  When you run as much as I do, you tend to forget about the little races, but my shirts help remind me of each and every race, no matter how small it may have been because every race has been training for where I am now”


We congratulate you all on your accomplishments!

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