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Virginia Tech T-Shirt Quilt

Kim Morcom knew she wanted a t-shirt quilt for her son’s graduation and told us, “I was so excited to find Project Repat which was not only the most affordable, but is clearly concerned with keeping jobs in the U.S. and finding ways to make affordable, quality products” So Kim jumped on the opportunity to make Randall a memorable college memento from his Virginia Tech t-shirts. “The blanket arrived a week before Randall’s graduation and it was perfect. Randall loves the blanket, it means so much to him”


Randall also wrote to us to explain this important meaning, “Saying that Virginia Tech has a lot of school spirit is an understatement. Being a part of Hokie Nation carries with it a ton of pride, and my wardrobe consists of mostly maroon and orange clothing as a result. Over the years, I collected more Hokie t-shirts than I knew what to do with. As many of them got older and faded, I couldn’t wear them all but wanted to preserve them somehow”

“This shirt is one of the first that I got in college during my freshman orientation”

Football is a huge part of Virginia Tech, and this is just one of many shirts I have from our ‘effect’ games”

“Hokie Nation is one of the strongest communities I’ve ever known, and this shirt is from the annual Run in Remembrance in memory of those who were lost on April 16, 2007. We’re not defined by this tragedy, but rather we are made stronger, another thing I loved about Virginia Tech.

This is by far my favorite graduation gift, and I look forward to showing it off to everyone who visits. Now that I’ve graduated, I have moved 12 hours from Virginia Tech. But this blanket will help me to keep the spirit of Virginia Tech and my college memories alive and well no matter where I end up. GO HOKIES!!”

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