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Playoffs t-shirt memories


How do you remember an amazing playoff game you attended? I remember going to Game 5 of the Celtics-Sixers game as a senior in high school. My friends and I all sat at our computers, pressing refresh, trying desperately to get the first $10 seats that came available. If one of us got them, we had to feverishly start alerting everyone else through instant message. 

When we got to the game, we had to walk all the way to the back ( we had the last seats at the Garden), but made sure to yell as hard as possible, even if we barely could see the game. When Paul Pierce hit a 3 or Antoine Walker did his wiggle, the whole place went nuts. Now those memories, 12 years later can only be found in our heads, and a few youtube highlight clips. 

But now the NBA and NHL is giving out a t-shirt for every playoff game. If you watch the games, it looks like an SEC or ACC college basketball game. The t-shirts unite the crowd against a common enemy- the opponent-- and also give the fans a tangible memory that helps them preserve those memories. 

One of our customers- Lauren, who is from Philadelphia and a huge Flyers fans, has received many of these playoffs tees and used Project Repat to preserve her t-shirt memories into a Flyers t-shirt quilt


"If you ask anyone what my favorite thing is they will tell you it’s Philadelphia Flyers hockey.  During the playoffs the Flyers give out orange t-shirts at home playoffs games and I had obtained quite a collection of shirts.  I did not wear the shirts very often so it made perfect sense to me to turn them into a blanket.  I absolutely love the finished product and cannot thank Project Repat enough for making such a great blanket at a very affordable price.  As I collect more t-shirts I cannot wait to have more blankets made.

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