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Delta Zeta Sorority T-Shirt Quilt


In college- t-shirts are distributed like popcorn at the circus. In other decades, where student groups and colleges may have passed out pamphlets, t-shirts seem to be the choice of promotional material. People want to wear what they are passionate about. When they walk around campus and back home during summer break, who they are, is represented by what is on their shirt.


So, what happens to the shirts when the t-shirts start to fade away, but the memories still linger? We have learned that people can't bear the thought of throwing them out, but they no longer wear them. When the time comes to preserve the t-shirt memories and clear out closet space, we at Project Repat present our service.It especially comes in handy for people like Kerri, who was a member of a sorority. You can see her sorority quilt above.

Here's what she said about her t-shirt memories:


"The quilt on the left contains all the t-shirts I saved from my five years as a Delta Zeta at two universities. The t-shirt on the right contains t-shirts from elementary school through college (two universities). I ordered one for my husband for Christmas and absolutely loved it. I had to have my own. I'm so excited to have all these memories in one cozy place and to not have to lug the t-shirts around as we continue to move for my husband's job."

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