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Family Heirloom - A Military Memory Quilt Story

Avis had a Project Repat quilt made that helps her remember some of the most important times and people in her life. She shared with us some of the most meaningful moments from her life story that are stitched together in her quilt.

Her memory blanket preserves uniforms that commemorate her service in the Air Force and t-shirts that represent precious memories of her sister.

Avis wrote to tell us just how much her blanket means to her. She said,

Alvis's Air Force Memory Blanket
"I love my blanket! I had so many US Air Force uniforms hanging in my closet after my retirement that I couldn't get myself to part with. I guess you can take the girl out of the Air Force, but you can never take the Air Force out of the girl! I wanted to do something special with them so I sent my uniforms, the military related t-shirts I earned and collected, and a memento in memory of my sister who passed from cancer, to Project Repat. The blanket turned out so amazing! It is a story of my entire life for 24 years."
Military Memory Blanket Patches 

"There is so much pride, blood, sweat, tears, memories, and heart in the fabric that make up that blanket that just a few words can't describe what Project Repat did for me. Thank you for sewing together mine and my sister's legacy. You made me something beautiful that will be family heirloom to pass through generations in honor of my service and in remembrance of the best sister anyone could ever have!"


Air Force Memory Blanket

Military Memory Blanket

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