Never Leave Memories Behind Graduation Gift

January 12, 2014 1 min read

A Graduation Gift of Memorable Moments

John discovered Project Repatwas the perfect solution for the shirts his son left behind. He was searching for a creative High School graduation gift that his son could take with him when he moved out of the house, and a Project Repat t shirt quilt was just the answer! "When my son moved out of the house, he stored a box of old t-shirts in the attic and mentioned that he heard there were places that can make them into quilts.  He immediately forgot that he said it, but we remembered. We found Project Repat and liked both the mission and affordable price. His t shirt graduation blanket came out great, we were really pleased with the layout and quality, and my son really, really loved it. It is a neat representation of things he did growing up and during high school" 

High school memory quilt

Shirts from teams, camp, tournaments, races, Flyers and Ravens loyalty made for the perfectly personalized memento.