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Soccer and Sports T-Shirt Quilt


Sue was another parent who couldn't wait to give her son his Project Repat t-shirt quilt for Christmas. "I've been collecting my son's old, outgrown sports t-shirts for years in the hopes of someday making a quilt out of them. Most of are from his various teams and soccer camps, although there are a few of Boston sports teams in there too. Every time I looked into it, it was so expensive, I shoved the shirts back into the closet. When I heard about Project Repat and realized I could finally have the blanket without spending a fortune, I jumped at it! I had a few questions and went to the website to find a live person to answer my questions. The blanket came back in just a week or so and it is so amazing! They followed my directions exactly and the color of the backing is perfect. I'm saving it as a holiday gift and it's hard not to cheat and give it early"

And after Christmas Sue told us, "He absolutely loves it!!"

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