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What to Do with Old Race T-Shirts? Turn Them Into a T-Shirt Quilt

College Memory Quilts Project RepatHOW IT WORKS

Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

STEP ONE: Order your t-shirt quilt! Choose your panel size, quilt size, and fleece color.

College Memory Quilt Project Repat

STEP TWO: We'll email you detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your shirts to us.

College Memory Quilt Project Repat

STEP THREE: We'll send you a beautiful t-shirt quilt made from all of your t-shirts!

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race t-shirt quilt

Our 30-panel quilt with 12 x 12 in panels is 5 x 6 ft (60 inches x 72 inches) is $129.99

We have curated from over 250,000 orders the most popular option by customers around the country. We strongly recommend this size. It's great for a college dorm bed or for lounging around the couch. Remember 1 panel equals one side of your shirt, so we need at least 15 shirts to make 30 panels. After you place your order, we will email you detailed prep and shipping instructions. It takes about 30 minutes to prep your shirts for shipment. 

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Why Create a Race T-Shirt Quilt?

You’ve trained hard and reached the finish line. You’re proud of hitting those personal bests! But how many race t-shirts can you wear? 

what to do with old race t-shirts

Save all your leftover race t-shirts from the back of the drawer or closet while displaying them and making a functional, cozy t-shirt quilt!

How to Order a Race T-Shirt Quilt

Our process to order a race t-shirt quilt is simple and fun. Before placing your order decide if you want to buy a finished t-shirt blanket, or if you want to order a gift box to give to your favorite runner so he or she can design the quilt themselves. We get the quilts to you as quickly as possible but it will take several weeks from the time we get the t-shirts. If you want to gift a completed quilt, make sure to get the order in plenty of time before the special occasion. If you want to gift a finished t-shirt quilt, you’ll place your order on our website and we’ll send you full instructions on how to prepare and send the shirts to us.

Race T-Shirt Quilt Ideas

A race t-shirt quilt is not just any blanket; it's an achievement. Create a blanket of race tees, including jersey and tech or dry fit that showcases all your accomplishments. Some of the most popular t-shirts preserved on running t-shirt blankets include tees from:

  • RunDisney Races
  • Spartan Races
  • Ragner Relay Races
  • Boston Marathon, Los Angeles Marathon, New York Marathon & Chicago Marathon 
  • Rock 'N Roll Marathon and Half-Marathon
  • Turkey Trot 
  • Hot Chocolate 15K
  • Charity runs and fundraisers
  • Track Team qualifiers & championships 
Every race blanket reflects a journey. You can feel good about preserving all your memories and recycling your race t-shirts by repurposing them into a blanket. 

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