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tshirt quilt makers- Project Repat

tshirt quilts

Did you know that Ross and Nathan did not start as t shirt quilt makers? Actually, they were just two friends trying to figure out what to do with all of the shirts that people have their closet but no longer wear.

But ten years later, they have now made close to one million t shirt quilts. Instead of having pre-conceived notions for how a tshirt quilt should be made, they disrupted the market by turning old shirts into an affordable tshirt quilt that could be used around the house.


For too long, if your mom or grandmother did not know how to make a tshirt quilt or you did not have any close tshirt quilt makers around, then you missed out! The Repat team has seen all kinds of memory quilts. They have seen quilts as birthday gifts, and they have seen some people quilt customize really unique items.


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