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We have received your t-shirts! Now sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Hi there,

We have received your t-shirts at the Project Repat factory! Thanks for sending them in. You'll be notified if we have any questions and when your finished quilt ships back to you!

Guess what? Did you know you can help us recycle your t-shirt scraps AND get an awesome pair of socks at the same time? We broke down all your t-shirt scraps, combined them with other materials, and spun them into yarn to make Scrappy Socks! Take 15% off today with discount code 'friendsofrepat' discount auto-applied using this link. 

Thanks again!

You can also sign up for our textile recycling program here if you want. Get a free tshirt quilt. Sign up here



Another way to save your memories! You will receive a sturdy 8" x 5" x 2" box with a prepaid label to send in as many photos as you can fit in the box (200-300). We will take them and create a hardcover keepsake book, all for $99 today! Plus, you have the option to upload up to 50 digital images to be included in your book! " Get this deal here


Project Repat Team

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