Instructions for preparing & shipping your shirts to Project Repat

A Step-By-Step Guide
How To Use This Guide

Our prices are this great because we have created an efficient system for creating t-shirt quilts.

Follow the instructions carefully to avoid delays or fees at production.
Step One

Get together all of your shirts & your tools. Make sure you have the correct # of t-shirt sides selected for the quilt you ordered.

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Step Two

Measure your t-shirt sides to ensure each side has enough fabric and the graphic will fit for the panel size you ordered.

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Step Three

Separate the front from the back of each shirt.

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Step Four

Pack up your shirt sides and pop them in a box. Include the packing slip from you order with your shirts.

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Step Five

Ship your shirts to the address on your packing slip.

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Step Six

We receive your shirts, cut out your panels, and start making your quilt!

Step One | Count 

Count out the correct number of t-shirt sides.

What is a T-Shirt Side?

It's either the front or the back of a t-shirt. Every t-shirt has two sides. Yes, you can send both, but they must be separated.

  • Send the correct # of sides.
  • We do not return extra sides.
  • If you ordered a double-sided quilt, send TWICE the number of sides!
Step Two | Measure

Make sure that each t-shirt side has enough fabric for the panel size you ordered.


Do not cut your own panels! Send us the full sides of your shirts (including the sleeves). The more fabric we have to work with, the better.

Step Three | Separate

Separate the front from the back of each shirt.

Are You Doing It Right?

We need enough fabric from your shirts to cut them into squares. Don't cut your own panels and leave us as much fabric as possible!


Watch our instructional video

Step Four | Ship

Ship us your shirts!

(and remember to include your packing slip in the box.)

Ship us your shirts to the address on your packing slip!

Can I track my shirts?

Keep the tracking number from your shipping provider so you can watch them land safely at our production facility.

We will let you know via email when your shirts arrive at our facility. Please note that it can take 24-48 hours to check in packages once they arrive.

Important Stuff to Consider

  • What fabric can I use in my quilt?

  • What might I get charged extra for?

    We have a very efficient process for making our quilts, and our prices reflect that. If you follow our instructions, you won't  be charged extra! Below are the reasons you will be sent an invoice once we receive your shirts:

    • - T-shirt side too small for the panel size you ordered ($5 each)
    • - Fronts of shirts not separated from the backs of shirts ($1 each)
    • - Repairing holes in a shirt ($5 per shirt)
    • - Non-t-shirt material requires a backing ($5 each) to reinforce the integrity of the fabric, this includes: rally towels, tracksuits, some button down shirts, and some mesh. Please see 'What Fabric can I use in my quilt?' for more clarification.
    • - Shirts that may need to have extra fabric added to them to better center the graphic on the finished quilt panel ($5 each). This is common on undersized tank tops, some v necks, and shirts with images very close to the neck line. This greatly improves the appearance on a finished quilt.
    • - Removing a zipper, or any other embellishment that may damage our machines ($5 per shirt)

    Other custom charges may apply and your invoice must be paid to receive your quilt back.

  • How do I make changes to my order?

    Changes to your order must take place before you send your t-shirts. In your order confirmation, there is a link where you can change your address, upgrade to larger quilts, or change your fleece color. After you edit your order, you will receive a new email confirmation and link to print your new packing slip, which must be included with your t-shirts.

  • Can I customize the layout of my quilt?

    Arranging the layout of your shirts costs an additional $25. You can add this to your order using the "edit order" link in your email confirmation. Once you have purchased this option, you can lay your shirts out in the order that you want them on the quilt and take a photograph. The photograph must be clear, color, and printed and sent in the box with your t-shirts and your new packing slip. We will NOT follow grids, numbered t-shirts, drawn pictures, or t-shirts stacked in the order that you want them.

  • What if I ordered more than 1 quilt for my order?

    If you ordered more than 1 quilt, please use 1 box and separate each order into separate bags within the box. Please be sure to seal these bags and ensure they will remain separated during shipping. Make sure to note the fleece color in each bag for each order.

  • What's the most affordable way to ship my shirts?

    By removing the sides of your t-shirts that you don't want on the quilt, you will significantly reduce your shipping weight and costs! We highly recommend a free flat rate box from the United States Postal Service. 

  • Order Expiration, Refunds, and other Billing information

    Your order expires 3 months after you purchase the quilt. After 2 months, your order is non-refundable. Sending notes or other custom work will require extra fees and cause delays.


Check out our FAQ for more information, and if you still have questions, email