How many t shirts do I need for a quilt?

16 sides for a Lap Size T Shirt Quilt

24 Sides for a Twin Size T Shirt Quilt

30 sides for a Full size T Shirt Quilt

36 sides for a Large Throw T Shirt Quilt

42 Sides for a Queen Size T Shirt Quilt

What is a SIDE of a t-shirt? It's either the front OR the backside of the t-shirt.

We only need the designated number of sides of shirts (front or back), not full t-shirts. For example, a Full size blanketcan be made with 15 full t-shirts using the fronts and backs, or 30 shirts just using one side or any combination in between. DO NOT SEND EXTRA SHIRTS.

1 shirt 2 sides

Please see our instructions page for how you should prep your shirts. Do NOT send extra shirts. If you get a bigger size panel, we still require the same amount of shirts.

For overall sizing and dimensions, check out these guides:

Quilts made with 12" panels:
Quilts made with 14" panels: