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Create Your Own T-Shirt Blanket

College Memory Quilts Project RepatHOW IT WORKS

Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

STEP ONE: Order your t-shirt quilt! Choose your panel size, quilt size, and fleece color.

College Memory Quilt Project Repat

STEP TWO: We'll email you detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your shirts to us.

College Memory Quilt Project Repat

STEP THREE: We'll send you a beautiful t-shirt quilt made from all of your t-shirts!

Chances are you’ve got a closet stuffed full of soft, well-loved t-shirts you don’t want to part with. Don’t store them; use them to make your own t-shirt blanket! You can preserve the memories woven into your favorite tees by turning them into a beautiful and cozy quilt. Design a memory blanket that celebrates your life: school days, sorority or fraternity fun, athletic achievements, favorite sports teams, races, travels, concerts or any of life’s other adventures and milestones.

Making a memory blanket out of those lovable old shirts can be easy and fun when you order online from Project Repat. Thousands of happy customers have already made their own personalized t-shirt blankets with our help. Read our online story series to get great ideas for a design or theme for your shirt.

Make Your Own T-Shirt Blanket Online

You don’t need a sewing machine or quilting skills to make a memory blanket out of your favorite T-shirts. If you have the DIY spirit, but not the time to invest in learning how to quilt or sew, Project Repat can help! When you order your blanket online from us, you can create your own custom t-shirt quilt design, and we’ll do the rest.

How to Create Your Own T-Shirt Quilt

The first step to creating your own t-shirt blanket is deciding the size: lap, twin, full, queen or king. The larger the blanket, the more t-shirts you can work into the pattern. You can also use sweatshirts, flannel, nylon, bandannas or any other soft fabric you wish. The most fun part may be picking the tees or other shirts that you want to preserve.

1. Choose the color of the soft PolarTec fleece backing when you order your blanket online.
2. Choose the t-shirts you want to use in your blanket design.
3. Use scissors to cut the sides of the shirt. You only need to separate the front of the shirt from the back.
4. Send the shirts you want to send to us to turn into a t-shirt quilt.

That’s all there is to it. Our team of skilled American textile workers will do all the cutting, sewing and finishing for you. In just a few short weeks the beautiful memory blanket you designed will arrive on your doorstep. Though the quilt you make will be priceless, the cost of the blanket is surprisingly affordable. We offer highest quality t-shirt quilts at the best price!

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