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How to Make a Baby Clothes Quilt with Project Repat

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Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

STEP ONE: Order your t-shirt quilt! Choose your panel size, quilt size, and fleece color.

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STEP TWO: We'll email you detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your shirts to us.

College Memory Quilt Project Repat

STEP THREE: We'll send you a beautiful t-shirt quilt made from all of your t-shirts!

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Keepsake Quilts Made From Baby Clothes

There are so many firsts when you have a baby: first smile, first time rolling over, first steps, first holidays, first time meeting family and friends. What your baby wears during each and every milestone becomes a snapshot in time, and a special memory you want to remember forever. Now you can preserve those special moments with a Project Repat baby clothes quilt. Moms trust us to be their baby clothes quilt maker because we take great care with every stitch, and every square, to make a baby clothes blanket you and your family will treasure forever.

Turn Baby Clothes into a Baby Clothes Quilt

Babies grow up so quickly, and they grow out of their clothes just as fast. Some special outfits you want to hold onto, but they end up getting boxed up and forgotten, and gathering dust in storage. With Project Repat, there’s a better way to keep cherished baby clothes and memories alive, with quilts made from baby clothes. You can order any blanket size or our 8x8 inch panels, and we’ll make it for you.

Your Baby Clothes Quilt Maker, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

With Project Repat you can have it all: clean out the clutter AND keep your sentimental baby clothes in a fun, functional blanket that tells a story in every square. Quilts made out of baby clothes make treasured gifts and help keep precious memories alive. On average, our baby clothes blankets cost about a third less than our competitors, because we’ve perfected our process and are upcycling experts! Plus, we make all of our t shirt quilts right here in the United States, and pay our workers a living wage. Our customers trust us with their cherished clothing because of our reputation, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. We love what we do, and it shows!

How to Order Your Custom Baby Clothes Quilt

Quilts made from baby clothes make great mementos and gifts. We create 8-inch squares from the baby clothes you send us, and can work in even smaller shirts, like onesies, as part of a custom baby clothes quilt order. In fact, we can custom make almost any kind of tee shirt quilt; just let us know what you want! If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our site, drop us a line with your ideas at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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